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She declared Theresa May‚s claim that ‚In fact, we gave [the NHS] more funding than they required‚ was untrue.

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This year I made vegan shepherd‚s pie for our vegan ladies. My wife enjoys it every year, telling me it‚s the best Valentine‚s meal ever. When we are not tinkering around the house, we drive into the mountains.

Current dietary guidelines call for the copious use of vegetable oils to maintain heart health. But vegetable oils tend to contain lots of omega-6 PUFA (which may increase cardiac risk). Worse, vegetable oils are relatively easily oxidized under heat (i.with cooking) which may render them dangerous.

As one of the top drug treatment providers in the country, it used to subscribe almost exclusively to the abstinence-only model, based on an interpretation of the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous popularized in American addiction treatment in the past several decades. But in 2012, Hazelden announced a big switch: It would provide medication-assisted treatment. ‚This is a huge shift for our culture and organization,‚ Marvin Seppala, chief medical officer of Hazelden, said at the time. ‚We believe it‚s the responsible thing to do.]