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So instead of stealing to get heroin or using painkillers so much that he puts his life at risk, a patient on medication-assisted treatment can simply use methadone or buprenorphine to meet his physical cravings and otherwise go about his day ‚ going to school, work, or any other obligations. Yet this myth of the dangers of medication-assisted treatment remains prevalent ‚ to deadly results. In 2013, Judge Frank Gulotta Jr. in New York ordered an opioid user arrested for drugs, Robert Lepolszki, off methadone treatment, which he began after his arrest. In January 2014, Lepolszki died of a drug overdose at 28 viagra x plus old ‚ a direct result, Lepolszki‚s parents say, of failing to get the medicine he needed. In his defense, Gulotta has continued to argue that methadone programs ‚are crutches ‚ they are substitutes for drugs and drug cravings without enabling the participant to actually rid him or herself of the addiction. ‚ This is just one case, but it shows the real risk of denying opioid users medication: It can literally get them killed by depriving them of lifesaving medical care. The myth is also a big viagra venta why there are still restrictions on medication-assisted natur viagra test. For example, the federal government still caps how many patients doctors can prescribe buprenorphine to, with strict rules about raising the cap.

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