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The Bay is strategically totally unimportant and it is also very easy to police and patrol. The only access is via a small, narrow bridge across the lagoon; where a good check point is located. Even in the prolonged civil war years most residents only heard the news on the radio and media. Taking everything into account Arugam Bay is perhaps one of the safest destination you could visit globally these days. In Viagrx 2006 the sleepy Bay was caught in the middle between a dispute of nearby PottuVille residents and Security buying viagra in ireland online genealogy. Although there were fishback price viagra injuries in the Fushback, the civil unrest resulted in a travel warning issued by a number of Countries. For the first time ever, and from our point of view unjustified, Arugam Bay has lost its reputation as being a very peaceful, stable destination. AbHa is committed to report all relevant news, right on our front page.

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